Price List

(effective 1st February 2017)






Kiwi Bog complete  (moulded from fibreglass)

This is the shell top and bottom with side catches, seat, flue extraction fan and urine tray fitted in place. The flue pipe exits at the rear of the bog and the urine below unless you request otherwise. Almost everything you need to install the bog comes in the package but you may need to purchase flue and urine piping. The flue normally exits through your roof and the urine through your floor. A power adapter is included unless you are using solar to power your bog.










Urine tray: Moulded from fibreglass for DIY toilet makers who want to employ a urine separation tray in their own built toilet – will fit most seats






Bog fan: spare or replacement if needed.










Optional Extras:





Biodegradable faeces bags per 100 (Complete bog comes with 11 bags)










Solar Kitset: 30 watt panel, two 12v 7Ah batteries and controller. Sufficient to power your bog most of the time. Irs a kitset because you need to mount your panel yourself. The kit does come fully wired though.






Extra Batteries: 12volt 7 amp hour battery to increase storage or to use yourself and do your own charging. Freight may rise for more than two.





·         Bogs are often available from stock but there may sometimes be a delay of up to two weeks - please check when you order

·         Some items including faeces bags, solar systems and fans are not available separately other than to existing customers

·         Freight above is for inside NZ only and excludes offshore islands

·         If purchasing a number of items usually the highest freight amount only will apply but if we need to send an extra package that may add to the freight

·         We are unable to operate account or credit facilities so all orders need a deposit and to be paid in full either on collection or prior to courier. Direct credit to our account is available. We have kept our bog prices for nearly ten years by never having bad debts and paying for our components in cash as we collect them.